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DigiDog learns about being kind online

Last week, DigiDog posted his first ‘selfie’ from his smart-bone onto his Dogbook account. He was excited because he had just come back from the groomers to get ready for the summer holidays and thought he looked paw-some.

An hour later, DigiDig was shocked to read a nasty comment that another dog he didn’t know had posted under his photo. The other dog teased DigiDog, mocking his new fur cut.

This made DigiDog feel dif-fur-ent emotions all at the same time. He was sad that someone could be so unkind, he was also barking mad that this other dog thought it was ok to be nasty. DigiDog was embarrassed that all his dogfriends could see the comment and he started to feel unsure about his photo and his fur cut.

DigiDog knew he should tell a trusted adult what had happened before the situation got out of hound. They were very understanding and helped DigiDog delete the comment, block the other dog from seeing or commenting on his profile and helped him make his profile private so that only his friends could see and comment on his photos.

This made DigiDog feel much better and he now makes sure he is happy for the photos he posts to be seen by all his dogfriends, and if he isn’t sure about the photo he just won’t post it online. DigiDog also learned that you must be careful what you say online and howl if you write a silly or nasty comment, you can make someone feel bad about themselves and this isn’t anything to be sniffed at.

DigiDog will always be nice to others online because he wouldn’t want them to feel as bad as he did that day.

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