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Young people and alcohol

Image: Ace Kreations, CC0

To mark Alcohol Awareness Week (13-19 November), here’s a quick guide to some of the advice you will find on our parent information service, Parent info, concerning children and underage drinking. By Eleanor Levy

Alcohol: facts and tips for parents

The Alcohol Education Trust explains some myths and facts about underage drinking, and offers guidance on talking about alcohol in an age-appropriate way.

Alcohol: the law

What does the law say about children drinking alcohol?

How big an issue is alcohol for teens?

Why do young people drink – and what can parents do about it if they do? Advice from Drinkaware.

At what age can...?

Advice from Parent Zone on the ages children and young people can legally do certain things, including drinking inside and outside the home.

Tips for talking about alcohol

You don’t have to be the one with all the answers when it comes to talking to your child about underage drinking – but here’s how to respond if they come to you with questions.

Guidelines for underage drinking in: