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Digital Schools Membership

The Digital Schools Mission

To create a digitally resilient school community by working together to keep children safer online, whilst helping them to enjoy all the benefits of a digital world.

Digital Schools members accomplish this mission by using our expertise as the co-chairs of the UKCIS Digital Resilience Working Group. And, as a member of the UKCIS Education Working Group, we're contstantly developing initiatives to help schools keep their pupils safer online.

Members recieve:

What's new?

  • The membership area has a completely new look, redesigned to make navigation easier.
  • We have recently added new resources - including handouts on the new popular app TikTok, the gaming phenomenon Fortnite and Esports.


What are the benefits for your school?

Save money – With CPD for every member of staff, parent access to online courses and information, and classroom materials covering online safety and PSHE, the whole school community reaps the benefits.

Stay ahead – Our work is evidence-led and practioner-friendly. We create resources that meet the needs of schools and teachers.

Save time – We do the work so you don’t have to. And our help service means that you don’t have to waste time finding answers – we’re here to get them for you.



What do our school members say?

“The vast array of resources are benefitting the pupils, older students and their parents whilst enabling staff to stay up-to-date with current trends in the technology world.

- Helen Keevil, Assistant Head, Director of Welfare at Epsom College

I've found the information sheets, policies templates and newsletters extremely beneficial to use for the school website.

- Laura Osborne-Smith, Family Support Team, Granton Primary School

The policy templates are excellent and easy to use and I know that they will help me to better equip the school with policies that are meaningful and effective in preparing pupils for their digital lives.

Ros Shorrocks, ICT Coordinator, Alfriston School

Ready to join the hundreds of professionals working with us to support digital resilience and tackle the challenges of the online world? Digital Schools Membership costs £600+VAT per year. Click the Add To Cart button below.

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