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Family Champion reviews



Welcome to the Parent Zone Family Champion section.

Here, we will test anything from gadgets to apps to see how family-friendly they are. It's like a digital health check for kids' apps and games.

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All our tests examine the following criteria:

  • Are there appropriate parental controls and are they easy to use?
  • Is it age-appropriate and are age settings clearly indicated?
  • How easy is it for users and parents to report issues?
  • Is it commercially responsible?
  • Is the functionality appropriate to the age of users?
  • Are the terms and conditions of use easy to understand and find?
  • Is it a great tech product for families?

A product that is rated 4 stars or higher is entitled to apply to carry the Parent Zone Family Champion logo on its packaging, website and promotional material.

Please contact for more details or to arrange to have your product reviewed. To view or download our media pack, click here.


Why listen to us?

Because we have over 10 years' experience of looking after the interests of families.

We are obsessed with helping companies and organisations to think of ways to benefit children and young people and committed to bringing them to account if they fail to keep families' interests at heart.

We ask the questions parents will want to know the answers to.

Our commitment to improving outcomes for children and helping families make the most of the digital age means Parent Zone is the only organisation to represent parents on the executive board of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS), a group of organisations drawn from across government, industry, law, academia and the charity sector to work together to help keep children safe online.

We have worked with organisations as diverse as Mumsnet, the Oxford Internet Institute and tech giants such as Microsoft and Google to help educate and inform parents on ways to keep their children safe online while learning to become confident digital citizens.

Helping companies to find the parents who are looking for great products is something we're happy to do - as long as those products meet our exacting standards!

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* Because we test each product or service meticulously, our Family Champion health checks incur an administration charge to pay for a professonal reviewer to devote the requisite time to making sure each product or service meets our exacting standards of safety and transparency. This is so parents and families, and those working with them, can be sure the product or service has been tested extensively and appropriately. Many companies, such as Mumsnet, charge a fee for reviewing products on their site.
Companies are required to pay this fee upfront and it will not affect the content of the review, or the star rating given.
The fact an admin fee has been paid does not have any bearing on what our reviewers say about the product.
Items marked with the ♦ symbol were reviewed before we introduced an administration charge.

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